Who Are We?

Based in New York, MyWeddingDay.com is the web’s freshest and soon-to-be largest wedding service directory. Our mission is simple: To provide couples with efficient access to the best local vendors in their own neighborhoods. MyWeddingDay.com is owned and operated by Precision Marketing Solutions, Inc. a privately-held New York-based company which currently operates more than a dozen websites in a wide variety of markets. We’ve been in business for six years and our sites reach more than 50,000 consumers each and every day.

Why is MyWeddingDay.com different?

Aren’t there dozens of wedding service directories online? No. There are hundreds. There are the well-known ‘big guys’ who spend millions of dollars on mass media marketing campaigns. Sure, they’ll get brides to their sites, but those brides will lose interest after wading through 20 pages of advertorials (they call it ‘content,’ like it’s a good thing) and guess what? They’ll never make it to the much-ballyhooed local listings that hundreds of small businesses paid $360 a year for. And the reality is that most of those big dot-coms will be out of business by this time next year. Refunds? Yeah, right.

Then there are the smaller home-based hobbyist sites that charge $49.00 a year, but get less than 100 visitors per day. You do the math.

Finally, there are those silly pay-per-click search engines; some even focus on the wedding industry. Read their terms carefully, though, because they admit that their stats might not match yours. Yes, you may be charged for clicks you never got. And what’s to prevent them from clicking on your listings to drive up their revenue? Nothing. They claim that they have a fraud protection system, but it’s so secret that they won’t tell you anything about it!

MyWeddingDay.com was conceived to give local businesses throughout the United States another option – a better option – and a better way to reach brides and grooms.

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