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Banner ads on our site are reasonably priced. Our quest is to build the biggest, most comprehensive, highly-trafficked database of wedding service professionals on the web. Yes, we know there are the ‘big guys’ out there, but they charge an arm and a leg and visitors have to wade through pages and pages of ‘advertorials’ to get the local listings. How many people ever make it to those listings? Very few.  


Besides, many of those sites, given their glitz and lavish spending could wind-up in the dot-com graveyards tomorrow just like some of their peers. Your money will be their ‘golden parachutes’ as they go on to their next Internet project. 


Sorry, you won’t see our ads during the Super Bowl or in full-page spreads in glossy magazines. But you will see our banner ads. You will read about us in news stories. You will see our links on other pages. Our rates are reasonable because we view this endeavor as our partnership with you. Our goal is to build something big here, not through some slick media campaign, but by building our directory one high-quality vendor at a time. Fair pricing. Great exposure. Steady growth. That’s our mission. now gets more than 10,000 unique visitors per day who view an average of 3.2 pages each. Your ad dollar goes further with us.


Here are our rates:


468*60 Banner Ad – Home Page (month)   $100                           Order 

120*60 Banner Ad – Home Page (month)  $50                              Order

468*60 Banner Ad – Any State/Service Page (month) $50.00         Order

120*60 Banner Ad – Any State/Service Page (month) $35.00         Order


Don’t have a banner ad? Want a fresh look for your campaign? Let us design one for you!


Banner ad design (any size)    $50.00                                         Order


All orders are processed on a first-come-first served basis and are based on availability. reserves the right to reject any banner ad for any reason. All orders are final and non-refundable.



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