MyWeddingDay’s Wedding Checklist

Twelve Months Before Your Wedding

Select a wedding date and time with a few alternate dates as well.
Visit a bridal show or two.
Contact a wedding consultant if you’ll be using one.
Determine the type of wedding you want in terms of size, formality, etc.
Establish a basic budget; try to get an understanding as to who might pay for what. Secure any loans you might need.
Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid or matron of honor and best man.
Select and reserve your ceremony site.
Select and reserve your reception site.

Nine Months Before Your Wedding

Start contacting disc jockeys or musicians, photographersvideographers and florists.
Shop for the wedding gown, veil, headpiece and accessories.
Select the attendants for your wedding party.
Consider premarital counseling..
Check into health and exercise plans.

Six Months Before Your Wedding

Select and book your rabbi, priest, minister or other ceremony officiant.
Select a photographer and have engagement pictures taken.
Start assembling the guest list.
Register with bridal gift registries in your favorite stores. 
Choose and order the bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories.

Four Months Before Your Wedding

Choose a travel agent and begin your big honeymoon plans.
Make sure your passports are valid. 
Meet face-to-face with the person who will serve as your reception’s Master of Ceremonies – usually the disc jockey or band leader.
Make appointments for a physical exam with your doctor and it wouldn’t hurt to see your dentist as well..
Check requirements for getting a marriage license in your state – some states require blood tests.
Shop for your wedding rings.
Choose and order your invitations.

Three Months Before Your Wedding

Select and book your transportation services (limos, rental cars, etc.)
Select and order the men’s tuxedos.
Order the Mothers’ dresses.
Finalize guest list.
Send your engagement announcement to your local newspaper.
Complete honeymoon details and make reservations.
Arrange hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests.
Confirm the menu and catering details with your caterer.
Establish a guest limit for the reception.
Prepare maps and directions to the ceremony and reception sites.
Mail invitations and announcements.

Two Months Before Your Wedding

Purchase your wedding rings.
Select and secure wedding favors.
Plan a time and location for your rehearsal dinner.
Check the rehearsal date/time with the officiant.
Plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party and bachelor party.
Handle any legal matters concerning name changes, address changes, employment records, etc.
Confirm details regarding the florist, photographer, disc jockey, videographer, musicians, etc.
Choose the music for your wedding ceremony and reception.

One Month Before Your Wedding

Confirm your wedding cake order with your caterer or baker.
If you plan to have a printed program for the ceremony, secure design and printing services. 
Send a portrait announcing your wedding to the local newspaper.
Establish appointments with your beauty salon for hair and make-up.
Track and record RSVPs.
Select your menu for the reception.
Schedule a final fitting for your wedding gown.
Schedule final fittings for bridesmaids’ dresses.
Get your marriage license and any required blood tests.
Buy your name change kit.

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

Pick up your wedding rings.
Purchase wedding gifts for each other.
Purchase honeymoon outfits – including intimate apparel.
Purchase or borrow personal wedding accessories: purse, ring pillow, toasting glasses, garter belt, cake knife, candles, guest book, tosses and releases, etc.
Confirm the arrangements and delivery times for flowers.
Establish seating arrangements for both the ceremony and reception and complete placement cards.
Reconfirm out-of-town guests accommodations.
Reconfirm the guest count.
Have your bridal shower.

One Week Before Your Wedding

Make sure all wedding attire fits correctly and you will be comfortable.
Review seating arrangements with the ushers.
Reconfirm your honeymoon reservations with your travel agent.
Pick up your plane tickets, traveler’s checks, passports and visas.
Start packing for your honeymoon.
Phone any guests who haven’t confirmed their attendance.
Arrange all the placement cards for the ceremony and reception.
Make sure any hired vocalists, bands or orchestras are prepared.
Give a complete guest count to the caterer.
Complete rehearsal dinner arrangements.
Break in your shoes at home so you’ll be comfortable on your wedding day.
Finalize all the details with your DJ, band, florist, photographer, videographer, etc.
Have a dry run with your hairdresser with your wedding veil.
Wrap your wedding party gifts.
Have the bachelor party.
Have your bachelorette party.

One Day Before Your Wedding

If you’re the bride, get a manicure or massage to ease any jitters.
If you’re the groom, play some golf or do something fun.
Go over all remaining details and loose ends.
Get to bed early so you are well-rested. 

On Your Wedding Day

Allow at least two hours to dress.
Be sure to eat properly.
Prepare for your hairdressing/make-up appointments.
Allow two hours before the wedding ceremony to have photographs taken..
Make sure you have proper payments for all contracted services including any balance left on the catering facility, the officiant, the disc jockey or band, and the videographer.
Don’t forget the rings!
Relax and enjoy what will be one of the most memorable days of your life.